Fundraiser Announcement

After a brief issue, that has been resolved, I am happy to announce that this fundraiser is back on-line! Read the details below and follow the link at the bottom to order products!

I teamed up with another artist to create a fundraiser selling tshirts and other products. Funds will be used to help our Indigenous communities. If you are on Instagram you can find the details “at” 4cornersindigenous. If you aren’t, here is a brief write up about the hows and whys and the link to buy tshirts and other products with the design below. The fundraiser is now ACTIVE!

I started this with the hopes of being able to fundraise for the various needs of our Indigenous communities. Through the connectivity of Instagram, I was able to meet another creative person who had a similar goal in mind. That person is Tanya Lozano, from Madrid, Spain. Her IG account is @bravemoai and I encourage you to give her a follow. She is an accomplished artist working in illustrations and watercolors.

We came up with the idea of combining her artistic skills with my jewelry work to develop the design that you now see. The earrings, necklace and shell mosaic jewelry in the painting are actual pieces that I have made. I suggested we use the Hopi “mana” (girl) as the basis for the overall design. Then, I left it to her own creative energies. I am really happy with the finished work!

The artist with the design we collaborated on!

I chose the Tee Public company as they are a print-on-demand service. I have used them before in similar fundraisers and with my own designs. I approve the quality, fit and feel of the shirts. The fabric is soft and stretchy. Also, I wanted a service that handles most of the logistics. I don’t want to pre-purchase a wide range of t-shirt sizes, styles and colors. I also don’t want to mess with the packing and shipping of every product sold.

The Tee Public service offers a variety of products from tote bags, pillows, stickers and wall prints. I have only purchased t-shirts from them so if you purchase any of the other products, I would appreciate any feedback on them. Tee Public usually takes 7-10 days for the printing and shipping from the time of the order. Larger orders may affect the delivery time. Profit margins for items vary. This is set by Tee Public and is out of my control. A $20 dollar shirt will result in a $5 profit for the cause.

I’ve never attempted anything like this before so please bear with me. I will make every attempt to correct issues that are within my control. Funds raised are not solely dedicated to COVID-relief efforts. They can and will be used for a variety of community needs including scholarships, school fundraising, organized GoFundMe, etc.

I’ll keep this active as long as there is momentum and interest. Perhaps down the line I’ll switch it up and see if there are any artists out there who would like to create a background or border for this design. Thanks Everyone! We’ll see how it goes!

Here is the link: TeePublic Site

Tshirts are available in a wide range of colors and styles.

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