Witivio Team

Witivio is a startup that provides services worldwide. Since 2017, our goal is to offers innovative solutions to revolutionize employee experience.

Virtual Agent users worldwide
50 +
Happy clients in 4 years
TeamsPro Apps users worldwide
70000 +
Companies using TeamsPro Apps

Witivio's values


We’re passionate professionals. We love what we do.

Technological innovation

We find solutions thinking out of the box.

Constant improvement

Seek for the ways to do better.


We build relationships based on trust.

Being proud…

About what we do as a company.


Even when it gets complicated.

Microsoft trusted partner

We are very pleased to support the startup Witivio in developing solutions that enhance the employee experience.

Anthony Virapin
Anthony Virapin
- Director of the Startup & ISV Recruit Business Unit — Microsoft France
witivio Microsoft startup of the year

”We can only thank the Team behind Microsoft for startups, our clients and partners for supporting us during these three years of Witivio” Nicolas Humann

Microsoft start-up of the year 2020

Microsoft France recognized the startup as Partner of the Year 2020 — Startup Category acknowledged for its contribution during the 2020 coronavirus crisis with the Microsoft Teams app, InfoCovid.

About Witivio

Our Story

2017: Nicolas Humann and Tanguy de Chanterac founded Witivio to transform the digital workplace.

2018: Total implemented our solution. It was our first Virtual Agent Studio large deployment.

2019: Microsoft selected Virtual Agent Studio as one of the best Teams Apps at Microsoft Inspire

2020: We took the hard decision of going fully remote and won the Microsoft Startup of the year Award.

2021: We launch TeamsPro, a suite of Microsoft Teams Apps to improve the employee experience in the hybrid workplace.

Meet the Witivio Team

Nicolas Humann
CEO & Co-founder
Tanguy de Chanterac
CTO & Co-founder
Imane Benjelloul
Customer Success Manager
Selene Suau
Marketing Manager
Michel Bonenfant
Senior Software Engineer
Quentin Pla
Frontend & UX Engineer
Raphaël Frontera
Sales Director
Rémi Carbonara
Sales Development Representative
Jessie Brito
Marketing Executive
Emilie Marin
Customer Success Manager
Rabiga Margulan
Product Manager
Chloe Perez
Product Manager
Robin Blanquart
Software Developer
Dominique EGA
Software Engineer
Ayoub Nouibi
Teams App Factory Manager
Bryan Tighrine
Sales Development Representative

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